Empowering Learning and Growth

Further Education for Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Executives

In an ever changing and currently more than ever awakening world, we provide education, training and coaching for those who want to guide this process for others.

We qualify and educate new coaches and consultants and also provide advanced training for successful professionals to keep up with the increasing requirements in a world of more conscious clients and changing conditions and cultures in corporations.



The new way to become a coach


We created a new approach of building new coaches for this world. Prioritizing the personal development of the coach instead of a method, we ensure the quality of coaching services on a fundamental level. Increasing the level of consciousness and awareness in the person coaching or consulting first, empowers them to raise consciousness and awareness in the client, too.

As most of all professional coaching sessions are already held in an digitally aided environment online, we also take that into account when providing an academy for future coaches: They are able to learn in an interactive multimedial enriched learning environment blended with personal support and live trainings.

Currently being tested in the german market only, we plan to roll out the international version in 2020.


ExpertEase Academy

Enjoy broadening your horizon

We embrace the fact that there are more and more coaches, consultants and therapists out there contributing in the development of human potential, healing of humanity and raising consciousness around the world.

It is our mission to empower those already working on that higher purpose with further education and advanced training to meet the high demanding requirements of our new aeon.
We encourage trainers and consultants who have been experienced in conservative methods and teachings for a long time to shift gears and stay in the game by opening their perspective for new developments. This enables them to open their doors for an ever increasing number of more conscious, well informed, maybe spiritually educated clients, who are ready and used to reflecting on their own situation.

We also enable successful coaches and consultants to enter the important field of conscious business and conscious leadership by educating and training them on these new concepts. (coming soon)