Conscious Business & Conscious Capitalism

We believe that business can be good and that it can be done in a good way.

We believe that every business can ground on and exist for a higher purpose than just making profit. We think that the main reason for conducting a business should be to create a value for others by solving a problem making things easier and more beautiful in any way.

We believe that when doing business for a higher good, you can only succeed if that overall orientation meets the inner structure and the way conducting the value creating process. That includes first of all the attitude, behavior and decision making of the executives and leaders which leads to Conscious Leadership.

Although “Conscious Business” sounds very spiritual and is definitely based on “InSPIRIng” people and on many values and concepts you can find in many spiritual movements and religions around the world, like integrity, compassion, reducing suffering, increasing joy, helping (creation of value), awareness and hence “consciousness”, it is by no means anything religious – even the opposite: The more your hearts and minds are open, free and ready to be used by yourself and ready to broaden your horizon instead of blindly following something dogmatic, the easier it will be to transform to a Conscious Leader or to transform your business to a more conscious business.

4 Core principles

To initiate the 5-step core process to transform your business to a conscious business or to strengthen it furthermore, we underlie 4 core principles PURPOSE, ONEness, CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP and CONSCIOUS CULTURE.

Leading a conscious business is about seeing the big picture, about focussing on purpose and enjoying profit as a consequence. It’s about creating win-4-all situations including every stakeholder, vendor, employee and customer. It’s about living high values and enabling and empowering everybody in your company to be able to love what they do, how they do it, why they do it and where they do it. Create a conscious culture of success now.

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Your path to evolve your company to a Conscious Business

For those who want to develop their business to a conscious business, we offer the following process to begin with:


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