Conscious Business and Culture
starts with a new type of authentic leaders –
And YOU can become one!

If you want to work with highly engaged employees in a great work atmosphere, while doing something meaningful in a respectful way at a place everybody loves to come to:
Take responsibility and make the first step! Learn how to become an authentic, compassionate and purposeful leader to create a great conscious culture in your company or your team.


Your 5-step core transformation: How we redefine Leadership

Conscious leadership is more than just the developed version of the management style some called leadership before. It starts, as the word says, with the personal consciousness of the leader or executive him/herself. As leadership starts with how we lead ourselves, consciousness too is an inside job. When we are fully present and able to accept and acknowledge everything in the present moment and see every aspects of ourselves and our ego, we are able to encounter every situation consciously, non-judgmental, compassionately and make wise win-4-all decisions.

In the next step we can become aware of the true purpose of what we do. We can understand and strengthen the big WHY behind what we are doing and how we are doing it. We are able to realize what the true purpose of the company is and what our true purpose of us as part of the company is. Hence we are able to create true value by what we are doing and how we are doing it. This way we can create a conscious business by being a conscious leader.

On our purpose driven path to the creation of true value we need a great amount of courage and a conscious way of communicating.

We teach and coach conscious communication, derived from and incorporating concepts such as nonviolent communication (NVC) or compassionate communication, as we experienced an indescribable benefit for every work environment. No matter whether you practice it in your team, partnership, department or the whole company, you will see tremendous effects on work atmosphere, conflict handling, employee engagement and efficiency.

Courage could also be translated as “from the heart” ([french] “cœur”: heart).
In these days it seems more important than ever to listen to your heart and your intuition to do the right thing and make wise decisions.
Taking a moment of stillness and insight for not being driven by inherited beliefs, ego-connected motives like greed, power or fame and seeing yourself and the “human resources” as true living beings with feelings and needs is at the same time the most important, the most rewarding though seemingly most challenging endeavour of our time. That is why we want to support you on that world changing journey towards a better you, a better team, a better company, a better world.
Make the first step today: Let’s talk about it!



What you can do NOW

We want to encourage, enable and empower everybody on this planet, but people in leadership positions in particular, to take responsibility for the changes that is needed in this world. Therefore we need to see the gift in all of us, which is the contribution to how people around us feel, work, thrive, to how our endeavours and businesses grow and succeed without causing harm and even while creating true value for everybody involved. And finally the first step necessary to get there is starting with us and how we feel, interact, create.

Let’s have a short talk about what you can do today to make this world a better place by doing what you came for and utilizing your company’s true purpose and your highly engaged employees to make this change happen. Show yourself, your colleagues, superiors and team members that you are ready for doing business in an awakening world by creating success the conscious way.