Pioneering in Conscious Health

We believe that corporate health is more than a fruit basket and an annual health check day.

We believe that every successful business needs to focus on physically and mentally healthy employees. Not only because it’s good for the image, for the employer branding or because it pays off manyfold at the bottom line, but because healthy and happy employees create healthy results and happy customers too. We even hope that when executives act as conscious leaders, they don’t only want to see productive employees but healthy human beings, who enjoy the opportunity to work for the common purpose of their employer.

We encourage executives and employees to take ownership and responsibility for their health. Not because their employer tells them on their health check day or because their doctor tells them when they are already ill. But because health is an inside job. It can’t be done for you, it needs to be cared for by yourself.

Based on that foundation we offer additional support with a great network of all kinds of health experts, providing you with the supportive onsite measures like health checks, sport, meditation, courses etc.

Read more about the whole process below:

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Your path to evolve your company to a Healthy Conscious Business

For those who want to develop their business to a healthy conscious company, we offer the following process to begin with:

  1. Assessment: Meetings, Surveys, Analysis

  2. Consulting I: Advisory on the current “health"-situation of your company and suggested action steps.

  3. Consulting & Education: Individual selection of workshops, tailored to your needs
    (e.g. Healthy Leadership, Healthy Culture, Facilitating Health, Implementing your own Corporate Health Management)

  4. Courses and Workshops for your staff (e.g. NutriCoaching, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Sports)

  5. Long Term Support: Providing access to our Healthy Company Portal, enabling your employees to learn with daily reminders, short videos, nutritional facts and exercises.

Please contact us for a first assessment session where we can understand your current situation, goals and challenges and answer questions you might have: